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Professional Apartment Painting Services

Oct 18

Apartment Painting Service

If you're looking to spruce up the appearance of your apartment by painting, Visions Painting and Stucco are a great option. They offer affordable painting services in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville. Our experienced team of painters will bring new life to your apartment by painting any surface you desire.

A quick coat of paint can help you sell your apartment more easily. Whether you're trying to change the colours or remove the previous owner's touch, a bit of a makeover could be just what it needs. Visions will happily have a painter come in and give the apartment new life. Giving the apartment a clean, move-in ready look will help you gain better renters and at a faster pace.

Check out our video on interior painting  services. 

Visions Apartment Painting Procedure

Regardless of how big your apartment is, at Visions Painting we follow a strict procedure before painting the inside:

  1. Select the Colour – we will choose the best colour to give the apartment the best neutral look. Painting the apartment white is always an option, though some apartment painting contractors lean more towards a neutral beige to give the apartment a more homely feel.

  2. Protect the Area – we will cover up any furniture that is staying in the apartment or room before we begin painting.

  3. Prepare the surfaces – we will seal any stains, filling in holes and cracks, and sand down any uneven surface to make the walls smooth.

  4. Apply the new Paint – we will begin painting the walls and make sure that every area is covered in even coats.

  5. Clean Up – After we finish painting, we will gather all of the tools we used and make sure that the new coat of paint on the walls is the only thing we leave behind.

  6. Walk-Through – Once we have completed an inspection of our own, we will walk you through the apartment to ensure your satisfaction.

Quality, service and price are three great reason to choose Visions Painting and Stucco to paint your apartment. As professionals, we offer top-rate services at attractive rates that are affordable and built on customer satisfaction. Whether you require us to paint a small apartment or a larger 3-bedroom apartment, the apartment painting prices are based on the square foot of the apartment we are hired to paint. Our level of professionalism does not waiver with the size of the apartment.

If you’re looking for apartment painting contractors, call Visions Painting and Stucco today for a free estimate.


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