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How Many Times to Paint Interior Rooms of a Home

Sep 10

Interior painting is an important task for homeowners who are renovating their home or looking to change their style. Painting is one tedious job that is easier to hire someone to help you do it quickly and accurately.

Here is a list containing the rooms of your home and the recommended frequency to have them painted.

Painting the Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Laundry Rooms

These rooms are often first to be painted and used the most. This is because they get the most traffic. The high amount of traffic means that painting in these rooms takes longer than other rooms in the house.

We recommend your Denver House Painter use harder-wearing paints in these rooms. These rooms should be repainted every 3-4years. The painter will make sure that there is adequate ventilation to let the humidity escape. This will increase the time between the last coats.

Homeowners might also notice that the joints of their house start to crack, and the drywall screws begin to pop out of the wall. These are not signs of a problem with paint, but they should be addressed before your next job. Make sure you mention these items to your contractor before they begin painting.

Painting Adult and Child Bedrooms

Adult bedrooms tend to last a long time, while children's rooms are much shorter.

Most children's rooms double as playrooms. It is a good idea in this case to use top quality paint that has a higher sheen. This is something that your painting company can discuss. You can play around with vibrant colors, but you need to make sure that the paint is long-lasting and durable. We recommend that kids' rooms are painted more often, perhaps every 2-3 year.

Living Room and Dining Room Painting

Despite living rooms being crowded, they do not require as much painting, unless there are remodeling or changes in decor and style.

Converting dining rooms into study, secondary activity or office spaces is a common practice. If you decide to change the purpose of the room, this is the perfect time to repaint or fix any wall damage.

Our recommendation was to paint the living and dining rooms approximately every 5-7 year, and the kitchen around every 7-10.

Hallways & Corridors

The walls of a home get the most wear. These areas are used and abused thousands of times. People's dirty hands can cause damage, whether they are carrying things around, lifting items, or crashing into them with pets and people. You may end up with scratches, finger marks, dents, cracks, or scuffs under the surface. These walls can usually be washed with high-quality paints or high-traffic, high-gloss, but they need to be repaired most often.

We recommend having hallways and corridors cleaned and painted every 2-3 year.


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