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In Seven Easy Steps, You Can Make a Dark Living Room More Bright

Jul 16

Cloudy, wet weather is common in Ireland, and homes can appear dull on the inside as a result. If the light is blocked by nearby trees, or if your living room faces north, it may seem even darker. Many creative and inexpensive decorating tips you can easily follow might make you think it's impossible to improve the ambience of your living room. Your living room will brighten, brighten, and make you feel welcome simply by following these seven simple tips.

1. Choose A Light Colour Scheme

The overall color scheme of the room must be used to brighten up a dark living room. White is a good color because it boosts the amount of light that bounces off walls and ceilings. Yet, a little color for a feature wall is recommended to prevent your living room from looking bleak and clinical. This extra shade may be used to emphasize cornices, beading on doors, and even skirting boards in creative interior painting. The amount of light your residing room receives will also be amplified by a high-quality gloss finish.

2. Using Mirrors To Increase Light

Mirrors that are strategically placed in your living room can make the most of the light. The best location for maximizing natural daylight is usually near or opposite windows. The amount of artificial light in a room is doubled by placing a mirror beside a table lamp at night. Mirrored tiles on an alcove or even a whole wall might be one of your creative ideas. However, avoid creating an unsettling effect by using them in a discreet manner.

3. How To Brighten Up A Dark Living Room

Even at noon, illumination is a key part of brightening a room! It's a trend to have fairy lights in your home. Without being overwhelming, they add a subtle sparkle. Drape them across tables or along the edges of shelves. When edging a ceiling, strips of tiny LED bulbs seem sophisticated. If it is powered by domestic PV systems, LED lighting is typically cheap to operate. To shine a vertical beam of light in the darkest areas, install spotlights on the ceiling or the floor.

4. Transparent And Polished Surfaces

Switching out your front door for one with glass panels may instantly make your living room look brighter. If the entrance is a southern-facing window in the hallway, it works especially well. Your living room's furniture may also help to illuminate the space. Shining aluminum and glass tables are sometimes used. To maintain the reflective qualities of glass and metal, it's a good idea to clean them on a regular basis. If the doors on sideboards or display cabinets are professionally sprayed, they may be given a second lease of life. For maximum impact, choose a light color with a glossy finish.

5. How Flooring Increases Light

For making your living room look bright, wooden flooring in a stylish pale grey stain is an excellent option. You might also pick marble tiles for your home's décor, which will provide a stunning luxury. Your home might seem considerably colder than normal if you don't have fitted carpets. Your living room should still feel warm and comfortable if you take the opportunity to install a heating source like far infrared heaters. Alternatively, you might put in a huge, bright rug to give the space a more lively feel.

6. Decluttering Your Living Room

Light isn't able to reflect around a cluttered space full of ornaments and paintings. The quantity of natural light your living room receives may also be greatly reduced by Windows dressed in layers of drapes. Select windows with no curtains to ensure that as many items as possible are removed and the most sunlight is allowed in. To allow more light in, clean windows on a regular basis. For nighttime privacy, choose simple roller blinds. Wallpapering a feature wall adds a stylish touch to your living room to avoid it looking too bare.

7. Minimalist Furniture Brightens A Dark Living Room

The light entering a room is immediately restricted by large pieces of furniture. Low, minimalist designs should be used to replace big, bulky sofas and tall cabinets. Light levels may be improved by using chairs with tubular metal frames, which offer a modern industrial-chic look. To maximize reflective light, consider furniture with glossy paintwork rather than upholstery. To allow light to travel freely across your living room, leave plenty of space between furniture items.


Using mirrors and tubular furniture, for example, can help a lot with increasing light into your living room. Bright color schemes and glossy paintwork, on the other hand, are two of the most effective ways to reflect as much light as possible.

Dispense with upholstery and carpets, but remember to keep your room cosy and warm. 

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