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The Sales Funnel For Effective Online Marketing

Apr 26

The sales funnel is a fundamental part of business and marketing for many years. I have observed that funnels for Internet businesses are becoming more popular.

People want to learn more about the marketing concept and how it can be used to enhance their online marketing strategies. Read on to learn more about how to use the sales funnel for Internet marketing.

What is the Sales Funnel?

A marketing funnel doesn't actually refer to the concept of a funnel. In this case, the use of funnel is to visually define the process of selling from beginning to the end. It is a wide opening for customers who are called "Unqualified Prospects" at its top and a smaller opening for sales conversion at the bottom. This is a good comparison.

People that are "unqualified prospects" are at the top of the funnel. This is people who have never met with you, but might be interested in your products or services. After a few sales and offers you'll have people who have purchased your product or service.

Another reason the concept of a lead generation funnel works is because it makes it possible to monitor your potential prospects actions at different stages of the sales process. With the sales funnel through figuring out the quantity of prospects who are qualified at each point of the process, it's possible to anticipate the number of prospective customers who'll, after a while, become actual customers.

A sales funnel will allow you to see exactly what and where your sales strategy is not working or working or failing, or if your marketing campaign isn't attracting a sufficient amount of prospective customers at any point in the process. This data will help you determine where your focus is and the best way you can maintain sales at the proper amount. It helps monitor and manage customers' sales processes.

The Front- End or Sales Funnel The top

The top part of your sales funnel will require the most constant testing and be the most engaged. There are literally no end of front-end ideas. Your imagination and your resources are the only limitations.

The main goal of the front- end is to draw potential customers in and turn them into buyers further down the sales funnel.

The prospective client becomes "qualified" when they sign up or subscribe to something that you offer. This is where the prospective customer, or "Unqualified Prospect", becomes a qualified lead. They have taken action which suggests they might be interested in your product or service.

In order to make your front-end efficient it is essential to drive targeted traffic towards your website, blog or squeeze page blog. The most effective methods and resources to accomplish this are articles marketing, PPC adverts, social media (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) banners, blogging, forum posting as well as content marketing.

There are many ways to "qualify" an "unqualified prospect. A squeeze page is among the most efficient methods to "qualify" the prospects who are not qualified. It allows you to provide something valuable, relevant to your products or services, that customers can get for free or at a significantly discounted cost by requesting their email address. The items offered range from video and newsletters to ebooks, e-mail courses, related reports and more.

We can see that the front-end is where customers are drawn to your sales funnel. The back-end is the part we should be focusing on.


The Bottom of The Funnel: The Back-End

The back-end or bottom of the funnel where the major profit and sales are made. It is where you will typically find higher-priced products there. They are all relevant to the same audience, but they are offered in various formats, like video, audio and live interaction.

The main difference concerning the front end and the back-end is regarding the type of client as well as the price of the service or product that is being provided.

Even though it is the case that a tiny percentage of people enter your front -end, only 1-2% will be able to make it into your back-end. This is because a select few people will spend a larger amount of money.

It is clear that although front-end services or products can be priced under $100, back end products and services are typically priced in the 100s to 1000s. This means that the bottom of the sales channel, also known as the back-end is the primary source of income.

As I mentioned the sales funnel can be as easy or complicated as your creativity or resources permit.

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